01 Aug 2012

Sunday In Review

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This last Sunday we had one joint service followed by a member meeting with lunch catered from a food truck. We’ve had some good feedback about it so I thought I’d write a recap to summarize some things I saw and to clarify some things we talked about at the member meeting.

The Joint Service

It was really special to be all together in one service. In September it will be a year from the time we moved to two services. Since we are all serving at different Sunday worship times it can be tough to tell how much we’ve grown. But seeing our place packed out with almost every chair we own filled made me marvel at the growth God has granted. At the member meeting it was such a joy to hear how many people are involved in the various ministries of our church…teams of 20 plus people each in several of our Sunday morning ministries. It’s hard to believe we started this church with under ten people in my family room over seven years ago.

To get an idea of all that is going on in our church, who is responsible for what and who to go to if you have a need of some kind we’ve created a organization flow chart. To see the full-size version click on the image below.

The Member Meeting

We’ve tried various times for our tri-annual member meetings (after 2nd service, Sun evening, diff day of the week) but this is by and large the most people we have had be a our member meeting. So thank you to the members for coming out and thank you for your input. The Church is Jesus’ bride so pastors of The Resolved Church extremely value the input and intuition of the bride as we seek Jesus’ head pastor leadership in making decisions for the church. Below are a couple key topics we addressed and have received input on:

Pastor Ron Broersma

Ron shared about he and Kathy’s desire and plan to retire in a few years and move to a property they have purchased northern California. Thus, Ron will slowly begin to move to a Pastor Emeritus role chiefly focusing on pastoring the pastors of our church. Questions were asked about the plan for other pastors at The Resolved and a brief report was given on the status of some up and coming pastors out of our leadership development program. For now, Ron will still very much be involved but wanted to give an explanation for Sundays here and there when he may absent.

Building Campaign

I (Duane) gave a vision update regarding the need for a building and our current campaign status. Our goal is to reach as many people as possible with The Gospel without ever putting a cap on how much we can grow. We have maxed out the current rooms we have for family ministry and will likely max out both our services this fall. However, our finances currently are not sufficient to take on the lease of a new and larger building facility. We need to bring in an excess of at least $5000 a month for three months in a row to prove to the commercial broker that we could afford a $6000 a month lease (approx. cost for size we would need). We were able to for April and June (numbers not in yet for July). So we are close. Options we are looking at include:
Building Committee – Gathering a group of three or more people who are responsible the things listed here below. If you are interested in serving on this committee email: dan@theresolved.com
      (1) Looking for potential space.
      (2) Representing our needs & desires for sanctuary, family ministry, offices & city location.
      (3) Familiarizing themselves with CUP requirements & renovation costs.
      (4) Promoting and keeping the church updated on the status of the building campaign.
Expansion at Current Facility – As a temporary solution we discussed offering more money for more use of our current facility. We get an extremely good deal and could offer a substantial amount more if we could negotiate the following things:
      (1) Another family ministry room in the west hall wing.
      (2) All day Sunday use (including evening for potential 3rd service).
      (3) A permanent church sign on the building.
      (4) Sanctuary lighting (lightbar for stage, sconces for reading etc.).
Sunday Night Service – In order to reach more people and to create another outlet for our mission we could add a Sunday evening service (assuming we could negotiate it with our landlord). The benefits would be reaching a group of people who may not come or be able to come to a Sunday morning service and could potentially generate some new members who may help us get into a better place financially to afford a new building. The service would be the same, only with a different band and no family ministry. We would not be looking for people from the morning to transition to evening. Instead we would be looking for those who would attend evening in addition to morning in order to be on mission to reach more people for Jesus. School of Theology classes would still be offered either before or after the service in the church office room.


A status update was given on Leadership Development, School of Theology, Community Groups, Sunday Ministries, Preaching, Staffing, Publications, Finances and Acts 29.
• Leadership Development – The Part II (Manhood, Marriage & Family) of Leadership Development will begin in September, we are currently accepting applications. Currently 16 men are involved with more on the way.
• School of Theology – We are currently working out the schedule for fall and plan to offer Theo 101 (Theology of The Resolved) and Theo 111 (Theology of Marriage). We’re are also looking at offering Theo 211 (Hermeneutics) and Theo 201 (Greek).
• Community Groups – Currently we have nine community groups and are looking at adding two more in September.
• Sunday Ministries – They (BTM, A/V, Hospitality, Family Ministry, Prayer) are all going well with tons of people serving. Nearly all the ministries would love to have more help so if you are interested contact whoever leads that ministry and let them know (see attached org chart).
• Preaching – We are on track to finish Acts by Advent (beginning of December) with a couple of free weeks. Suggestions were given for the next book of the Bible to study as well as specific topics the church would like teaching on.
• Staffing – A post will be coming out soon about our desire to hire some interns to help with operations of the church during the week. If you think you might like to raise your own support to work for the church in some capacity begin to pray about this and look for the blog post.
• Publications – (1) Deacon John Bale is in charge of the weekly blog posts. If you’ve got something good to write, do it and send it to John at john@theresolved.com. (2) John is in the final stages of submitting a book on the message of Jonah compiled from the sermon series we did on the book. Look for it on our book table soon.
• Finances – The giving has been good. A finance report was given out. Encouragement was given for regular, faithful and generous giving as well as letting us know if there are personal needs we can take care of.
• Acts 29 – (1) We are helping to plant Pastor Chris Swan and his team as a new church plant committing both people and money. They have started core group meetings and their official send out is this coming Sunday. If you are solid in the Gospel, Community and Mission then we would encourage you to think and pray about joining this plant. (2) I (Duane) am taking more of a lead role serving Acts 29 under Harvey Turner (Director of the West Region) in caring for Acts 29 church plants in San Diego and Southern California.

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