08 Aug 2012

Now Hiring: Interns

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As we look ahead to the future, this fall we are looking to staff up a bit so that we might better manage and further expand the ministries of The Resolved Church! In looking at where we are at what the current needs are, there are five different roles we would like to fill. When you look at all that is going on in our church (Visual Flow Chart) it is a lot. However, we are not looking just to get people in order to “get ministry done”…we want to use ministry to “get people done.” There is something so special and unique about working in and for a church.

In our experience we have discovered that people who truly sense a call to work and serve in the church are often able to find creative ways to either volunteer some hours or raise their own financial support. I have done this in my own life on occasion and it has proved to be a beneficial experience. If you are interested in any of these roles we can help you learn how to write support letters etc.

For each role we are looking for someone who can come into the church office and work a 2-4 hours a week. Ideally, we’ll have a whole team of people working on their respective responsibilities all together in the church office. This will not only help create excitement and momentum but also help produce a good work flow.

In order to create a healthy and productive work environment we have provided job descriptions and applications for each role below.

Administrative Assistant – The Resolved began as a church plant from scratch in a small apartment building and by God’s grace has grown to the point in which it now holds multiple worship services and community groups and runs several other ministries both on Sunday and during the week (things such as Family Ministry, Hospitality Ministry, Building Transformation Ministry, Mercy Ministry, Prayer Ministry, School of Theology, Leadership Development and the LampPost Cafe). Thus, we are currently seeking a volunteer administrative assistant who can help with various practical matters involved with the day to day operations of the church during the week. APPLICATION

Art & Design – From its start The Resolved Church is a church which has valued the arts. As those connected to the Creator through Jesus we believe that Christians ought to be some of the most creative people putting out great art. Artistic expression in our church is found in several different forms: welcome booklets and event flyers, Sunday bulletin, church service slides, sanctuary wall art, signage, blogs, website etc. Thus we are looking for someone with a background or skill in the area of graphic design who can help with the regular artistic production of the church. APPLICATION

College Ministry – For the past two years The Resolved has somewhat quietly attempted form a Resolved outreach to San Diego area college students. This year we are looking to ramp things up. A college intern who would work with Gabe Hagstrom to develop connections with the college students of The Resolved and students on the various college campuses around San Diego. Responsibilities of the position would include visiting students on campus, planning once a month Resolved Church events for college students and assisting Gabe Hagstrom in his responsibilities as the college liason. Applicants should be college seniors or college graduates themselves. APPLICATION

Communications/Media – In today’s world technology functions as one of our primary tools of communication. The Resolved Church runs its own website, podcast, Church Community Builder, Facebook and Twitter account. As we have grown as a church our need to better communicate church-wide events and needs has grown. In addition, we would like to expand our media connectivity by incorporating more video (interviews, video blogs, member stories etc.). Thus we are looking for a communications/media intern who can help continue and expand our current efforts to have our people well informed and through that see the ministry of the church grow. APPLICATION

Pastoral Ministry – The primary goal of The Resolved Leadership Development process is to develop other pastors and deacons within our church. Those who are pastoral ministry interns receive what cannot be gained through the leadership development discussions and readings, namely shadowing a Pastor and/or other leaders during the week: going to meetings, working on various projects and seeing what it takes to shepherd a flock outside of Sunday. APPLICATION

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