24 Feb 2010

Highlights: A Compendium on “Mission”

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Looking backward over the past five years, as a church, we have put a ton of stuff out on “mission.” To give you an idea, as of now, the word “mission” itself appears in 204 posts (either sermons or blog entries). Mission has been coming up a lot recently in our study through the book of Matthew. So I thought I draw together some of the best resources on mission we have put out and make them easily accessible for everyone. Below are categorized sermons and blog entries on various aspects of mission.

Blog Entries

10 Things That Keep Us From Mission
Challenges we face.

Being on Mission
Eight practical ways to easily be missional.

The Peoples
Why and how the people group you are attempting to reach matters.

SD Views of “Gospel” & “Jesus”
Looking at perceptions of those we are on mission for.



The Heart of Jesus’ Mission
Looking at the example of Jesus for having a true motive for mission.

Getting God’s Vision for a City
The importance of having a city-wide mission.

The God(ness) of God: The God of Future
What God has planned in the future for mission.

The God(ness) of God: The God of Gospel
Gospel appeals and responses as mission in a Reformed theology.

Bearing Fruit for God
On how contextualization is a key part of gospel mission.

The Risen Mission
The importance of Jesus’ resurrection to the mission.

Gospel Mission
The role of prayer and godliness in mission.

The Resolved is a Church Plant (3 Part Series)
All the aspects of mission involved in being a church plant.

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