19 Aug 2008

Theo 131 – Theology of Finances

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“Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money” by Crown Ministries

Gary Warkentin, one of our virtual elders (click here for a bio), teaches this class how to handle our finances according to the Bible. The class consists of watch a short DVD segment, group discussion, and book reading assignments.

There are more than 2,350 verses that address everything you need to know about handling money. The Bible is, indeed, a blueprint for managing your finances. Not only is Discovering God’s Way of Handling Money practical, but in it you will learn the profound impact managing your money has on your relationship with God.

- What does the Bible say about borrowing and lending money?
- How do you evaluate financial counsel from others?
- Is honesty always the best policy?
- How can I know when to give to others?
- How are money and being a godly employee related to each other?

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