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12 Apr 2014

Apr 18th – Good Friday

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Special Service | Good Friday

Good Friday remembers the dark difficult day when Jesus died on the cross for our sin. It’s a day to re-enter the drama of all Jesus went through in order to take thousands of people’s sin upon himself and then bear the full brunt of God’s wrath in their place. It’s a painful agonizing day to reflect on the seriousness of our sin which took Jesus there.

While it is a somber day, it is also a good day, because in it we who believe in Jesus as our Savior recognize he suffered the just punishment of God’s eternal wrath in hell…for us. Through Jesus work on Good Friday God demonstrated his love for us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us (Rom 5:8).

The way we remember Good Friday at The Resolved Church each year is to have a quiet, dark, low-light, funeral-esque type of service where we sing a few low-spirited songs, hear a moving reading of The Passion story, receive the Lord’s Supper, pray and then silently dismiss. We mourn and then we wait for that glorious third day that changed everything.

Come and re-live the greatest drama of world along with us…

When: 7:00PM on April 18th, 2014
Where: 5444 Napa Street, San Diego, CA 92110

12 Apr 2014

Apr 20th – Easter!

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Special Service | Easter Sunday!

Easter celebrates the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. It’s a day to re-enter the drama of all that Jesus accomplished by defeating sin, death, Hell and the grave! It’s a joyful day for God’s people to reflect on the truth of our faith and the new life Jesus secured.

Jesus rose on the third day, Sunday and in doing so changed the course of history forever. Ever since God’s people have specially gathered on this day to worship Jesus and recount what happened with his resurrection, the greatest core tenant of the Christian faith.

The way we celebrate Easter at The Resolved Church each year is to have a jubilant service with special music, a special sermon, special decor, and baptisms followed by great feasting in our homes.

Come and rejoice with us and invite someone to come with you!
When: 10AM on April 20th, 2014 (there will be no Evening Service)
Where: 5444 Napa street SD, CA 92110

12 Apr 2014

Apr 20th – Be Baptized!

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Acts 2:37 “Repent and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.”

*IMPORTANT NOTE:* If you are interested in getting baptized on Easter, you must meet with Pastor Duane at 5pm on April 13th to briefly go over the meaning of the sacrament.

If you are a Christian and have never been baptized you need to get baptized!

To be baptized fill out this form:  Be Baptized!!!

What is baptism? Baptism in Jesus’ time it was a pretty common cultural practice. When people converted to Judaism and wanted to become Jews they would baptize them. And then there were baptisms for all kinds of stuff, whether it was just washing up for meals or for other religious purifications.

The whole thing is all about this: Water is a natural cleansing agent. That’s why most of us take showers regularly and wash our hands. Water makes us clean. In the Bible water is a symbol for spiritual cleansing. We don’t just get physically dirty but spiritually dirty. Sin which is our living apart from God, living for ourselves, seeking and enjoying things we know we shouldn’t makes our spirit or our soul dirty.

The message of the gospel is that Jesus cleanses us. He takes all of the dirt onto himself on the cross so that we can be forgiven and wiped clean and renewed into a right relationship with God. When that happens in us Jesus says to get baptized to seal the deal. Not because the physical washing of the water actually does anything for us spiritually, but because it’s an outward picture or demonstration of what he has done for us spiritually.

Believers in Jesus throughout the ages have been baptized as a sign of their love and commitment to him. Being baptized is powerful experience.

12 Apr 2014

Introducing Our Worship Bands!

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Blog | Sean Hutchinson

We are excited to officially announce our four rotating worship bands!

The Music Worship Ministry has been working towards developing four full bands that rotate and lead once a month. Each band, unique in its instrumentation, represents the diversity and unity we have in Christ as His body, the Church. We are immensely blessed to have so many talented musicians and lead worshipers at The Resolved. I wanted to share with you the bands and worship leaders who serve the church so faithfully.

COMMONWEALTH: whose name is drawn from Ephesians 2:12, bring ambient guitar driven elements inspired by the sounds of Explosions In The Sky, Sleeping At Last, and Copeland combined with a keyboard driven rhythm section in the likes of Page CXVI. (Led by Sean Hutchinson, Mike Anderson, Kyle and Brittany Bonura, and David Volz.)

THE SHEEP DRAW TRAIL: whose name was taken from an art exhibit here in San Diego, referring to the trail that sheep leave in tall grass as they follow their shepherd. They bring traditional elements of folk and bluegrass in the likes of The Avett Brothers, Indelible Grace and The Lumineers. (Led by Nick Todd, Jenny Kvaternik, Ashley Warner, and Gabe Hagstrom.)

THE FOUNT: whose name is inspired by many hymns poetically portraying the blood of Christ shed on the cross. They bring an edgy guitar driven indie rock feel to their songs and hymns, inspired by the sounds of Young The Giant, Citizens and Dustin Kensrue. (Led by Ryan Leech, Erica Calvert, and Ryan Buss)

SAY SO: whose name is drawn from Psalm 107, are a diverse and eclectic ensemble of musicians, drawing inspiration from Sufjan Stevens, Jon Foreman, and Bon Iver. (Led by Sean Hutchinson, William Leung, Brad Beyenhof, and Rachel Samuelsz)”

11 Apr 2014

Building Vision — Concern for Community

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Blog | Ryan Buss with readings from Andy Stanley

This past week we celebrated a milestone in the growth of our church body, which is only one part of how God advances The Gospel in our city. We as a body are growing– in numbers, glory, testimony, and vision.

As we begin a new season of growth, it is valuable to track the vision of the ministers and ministry leaders who are at the forefront of serving under the vision that Jesus has for our church. Using the 20 “Building Blocks of Vision” laid out in Andy Stanley’s book, Visioneering, we will be giving small snapshots of what it looks like for God’s vision to grow within the life of the people ministering under it.

Ryan Buss is a pastoral intern who has been serving at The Resolved in different capacities for a couple years. Currently he coordinates our college ministry, but also serves as an overseer and coordinator for the various community groups of all types in our body. “College” in our era is synonymous with young adulthood, which is a crucial period in which we develop our ideas concerning identity and community. Ryan strives alongside college students and community group leaders in attempting to direct people toward finding their identity in Christ-centered community.

Here are just a few thoughts on how Ryan envisions his calling to minister to different communities within our church and our city, relating that vision to important “building blocks” that Andy Stanley presents.

Read more

07 Apr 2014

Go Tell

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Romans 10:15 | Go Tell

This sermon is a topigetical message exploring how beautiful it is to participate in spreading The Gospel, and re-affirming our mission in San Diego. This sermon was originally preached on April 6th, 2014 at The Resolved Church in San Diego, CA.


05 Apr 2014

A Perfect Goodbye To An Imperfect Place

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Screenshot 2014-04-05 at 12.27.08 AM

“Without a fancy backdrop, lights, or a full band some may mistake this place for an unremarkable music hall. But to me these four walls will forever hold the memories of becoming a Christian, meeting my husband, being baptized, dedicating my children, and meeting and living life with some of my most cherished friends. Saying goodbye to this building is bittersweet but I’m remembering that church is not a building or a business, but a body. Can’t wait to move on to a bigger space and new adventures with this body.” -Courtney Duthie

“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you, always in every prayer of mine for you all making my prayer with joy, because of your partnership in The Gospel from the first day until now. And I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ.”
(Philippians 1:3-6 ESV)

As we say goodbye to 1717 Morena Boulevard, remember and give thanks to the LORD for all the amazing things He has accomplished in our church body, from one building to the next, always looking forward in hope to the perfect completion that is promised to us in Christ. Pray and give thanks for what He has done in your lives, and pray for the hearts and lives of those we have partnered with over the years.

See you tomorrow at 5444 Napa Street!

03 Apr 2014

Apr 6th – New Building Sunday!

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Announcement | New Building Sunday!

This coming Sunday marks the beginning of a new season in the life of The Resolved Church! At 10am and 6pm we will be gathering together in our new home at 5444 Napa Street near Linda Vista!

You’ve heard it said before that, “church is not a building,” and it’s true. God has provided this new space in order to grow His mission in our city and enable us to be a part of it. Church is The Body of Christ, established in prayer and dedicated to worship. This Sunday is an important Sunday in that we will be gathering together as a church, praying for the future of our mission, and worshiping in songs that declare the things that Our God has already accomplished.

Bring your family and bring your friends. Bring your neighbors. Find our new neighbors and bring them too. Gather with us in remembrance of what God has already finished, and witness what He is about to begin.

For travel and parking info check out THIS helpful post.
For the story of our move to the new building, check out THIS post.
For a record of the amazing transformation process, follow @theresolvedchurch on Instagram today.

02 Apr 2014

Getting There

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BLOG | Maps and Directions

It’s only a few more days until our first service in the new building! Many of you have already been there to help out with the transformation process, but others have no idea where they’ll be going come Sunday. This post is meant to make things easier.

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01 Apr 2014

Remembering The Work Of The Lord

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Psalm 77:11-15 | Remembering The Work of The Lord

This sermon is a meditation on Psalm 77 and it’s charge to remember the wondrous works that The Lord has already done, holding fast to the hope they give us as we pursue God’s future glory with resolve. The sermon explored how this is true the context of our church body. Pastor Duane spoke of many of the things that God has done in our old building, using them to point toward the amazing things that are to come in our new building. This sermons was originally preached on March 30th, 2014 at The Resolved Church in San Diego, CA.


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